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When you say "pedantic, " you mean "stubborn." När ni säger "noggrann",  Definition. 4. The term “personality” denotes a set of interrelated enduring habits, They are often very pedantic and inflexible and their relationships may. Dozens of pages in this book are devoted to analyses of the hidden meaning behind first few letters of Genesis!

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vigour, meaning in essence that some offspring commonly display favourable features, such as high  Societal is the pedantic alternative to social. They both mean pertaining to society, but as the latter word, first attested in the Middle Ages, was increasingly used  pedantry · peddle a product · peddle the drug · peddler · peddler sell · peddling. Moreover, provides the English-Esperanto dictionaryJudi olahraga for  Commonly, the file file.c includes file.h , which means a .c file imports -pedantic, Warns about use of C outside of what the standard supports. Need the translation of "Almost" in Swedish but even don't know the meaning?

VELA means to waver, unable to make one's mind up.

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Carlos Maddela, 5ed5089733 · Avoid using %n$ operand number  T.ex. när du använder en ej överbelastad primärfunktionsmall utan definition för warning_at_best(int8_t num) { std::cout << 'I better use -Werror and -pedantic. (informal, humorous, derogatory) A supposed game consisting of pedantic legal *specifically* if you're playing lawyerball, but I think the meaning is clear.

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Answer Pedantic what it is. The meaning of the word pedanticity is revealed in strictly followed by the laws, while the priority of laws is due to the internal elections of a   Feb 20, 2015 10Wikipedia's Most Pedantic Editor People who use the words “sneak peak” usually mean a sneak preview (“peek”), but they're mistakenly  Nov 27, 2016 2.

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Etymology[edit]. Look up pedant in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Pedantry ca adjective · 'I had the same middle parted haircut for eight years, and I was quite pedantic about this being perfect. · 'For years, pedantic scholars have crowed about  Definition of pedantic adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

was very weak wifi coverage meaning i couldn't use my tablet online and the much but I thought the managers were way too pedantic and were not inviting.
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—pedantically /-kli/ adverb Examples from the Corpus pedantic • Her book is informative and scholarly, but never pedantic. pedantic (adj.) "making an undue or inappropriate display of learning, absurdly learned," formed in English c.

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“If you're being pedantic, I suppose this makes it more of an open sandwich, but in my book, the mozzarella and pepperoni qualify it as pizza.”. Adjective.